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Samantha Elandary on Fishbowl Radio Network’s Breaking Down Barriers
Edward Donahue of Fishbowl Radio Network and Samantha Elandary, Founder and CEO of Parkinson Voice Project, provide an in-depth interview of Parkinson Voice Project’s speech therapy program.

Founder and CEO Samantha Elandary and LOUD Crowd® member Jay Frazier educate the public about Parkinson’s lectures held in the new Clark and Brigid Lund Parkinson’s Education Center and Parkinson Voice Project’s 2017 SING OUT!® performance.

Lost Voices: The Preston Hollow Man Speaking up About Parkinson’s Disease
LOUD Crowd® member and Parkinson Voice Advocate Lou Neeb shares his journey with Parkinson’s in the Preston Hollow Advocate Magazine.

This is a short clip from Breaking Down Barriers, a streamed talk show on Fishbowl Radio Network. Edward Donahue is passionate about rehabilitation topics and turning challenges into opportunities.

Nick Carimissi of CBS Radio Better Living interviews Founder and CEO Samantha Elandary on the necessity of The LOUD Crowd® to maintain the improvements of speech therapy and the growing mission of replicating the SPEAK OUT!® program throughout the world.

Judy Goss of LA Talk Radio Interviews Samantha Elandary  
In this segment of What Women Want, Judy Goss interviews Founder and CEO Samantha Elandary on the history and successful methods of the SPEAK OUT!® voice therapy program, remarking on the fact that about 90% of speech-language pathologists are women.

Fox 4 News Interviews Samantha Elandary and Clark Lund About New Education Center  
LOUD Crowd® member Clark Lund explains the impact that Parkinson Voice Project has had on him and why he and his wife, Brigid, are donating $500,000 to help build an Education Center for the Parkinson's community. 

Clark & Brigid Lund Discuss The Holiday Challenge and Clinic Expansion on NBC 5  
Dallas-Fort Worth's NBC 5 interviews Clark and Brigid Lund about their generous contribution that will help build an Education Center where speakers from around the world will educate patients, families, and medical professionals. Once Parkinson Voice Project raises $1,000,000, the Lunds will donate an additional $500,000! 

WFAA TV Interviews Tom and Krys Boyd about SING OUT!® performance  
WFAA Channel 8 reports on the value of Parkinson Voice Project's singing program and its annual SING OUT!® performance event. KERA's Krys Boyd and her father, Tom Boyd, are interviewed about the therapeutic benefits of singing and the performance.  

Samantha Elandary Explains the Two-Part Therapy Approach on Fox TV in Minneapolis
Fox 9 in Minneapolis interviews Parkinson Voice Project Founder and CEO Samantha Elandary on the problems of Parkinson disease, including the "Intent" method and history of Parkinson Voice Project.

Interview with Samantha Elandary about Muhammad Ali and Parkinson's
Fox News Radio interviews Parkinson Voice Project's Founder and CEO, Samantha Elandary, on Muhammad Ali's inspirational struggle with Parkinson disease and the new therapies available to people with Parkinson's.

KXAS in Dallas Remembering Muhammad Ali   
Samantha Elandary, Founder and CEO of Parkinson Voice Project, joins NBC 5's Cory Smith in paying homage to the courage and determination of Muhammad Ali, one of the first public figures to announce that he had Parkinson's.

NBC KING TV 5 in Seattle Covers Parkinson Voice Project  
This Health Link segment from Seattle's KING 5, centers on Parkinson Voice Project's program to alleviate the the effects of the disease, including voice loss and aspiration pneumonia. The report covers the case of Jason Arwine, a Marine who regained his voice through the SPEAK OUT!® program.

WNDU's Medical Moment Reports on SPEAK OUT!®  
Indiana's WNDU examines Parkinson Voice Project's effectiveness in treating voice loss and the risk of aspiration pneumonia, the leading cause of death in Parkinson's patients. The report covers the Pay It Forward approach, enabling anyone to receive treatment, regardless of income or insurance coverage.

FOX NEWS Health Explores Speech Therapy Program That Helps Parkinson’s Patients Regain Ability to Speak 

FOX NEWS Health highlights Parkinson Voice Project, a Dallas-based nationwide program that offers free speech therapy to patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  

SPEAK OUT!® Benefits Patients and Graduate Students at Eastern Washington University   
The Spokesman-Review introduces its readers to Parkinson Voice Project's two-part speech therapy program implemented at Eastern Washington University's Hearing and Speech Clinic. The article focuses on SPEAK OUT!®-trained provider Doreen Nicholas and EWU's graduate students, who benefit from hands-on training with Parkinson's patients.

Parkinson Voice Project SPEAK OUT!® Graduate Reads Classic Novel to Strengthen Voice 
WFAA News captures Parkinson Voice Project patient Tom Boyd reading To Kill A Mockingbird with intent. The WFAA story, sparked by the death of author Harper Lee, highlights the value of reading classic, familiar literature aloud to strengthen the voice. 

Samantha Elandary, University of North Texas Alumna, Featured in The North Texan   
The North Texan features Samantha Elandary, a University of North Texas graduate (BA '91, MA '92), and updates alumni on the nonprofit organization she founded in 2005. Elandary credits her "fabulous foundation in ethics, patient care, and confidentiality" to UNT's speech pathology classes.

NorthPark Center recognizes Parkinson Voice Project as one of “fifty outstanding organizations” in Dallas. 
NorthPark Center spotlights Parkinson Voice Project as part of its 50 Years of Giving celebration - a salute to “fifty outstanding organizations” in the Dallas community. NorthPark Center, a Dallas shopping tradition, donated 15,000 water bottles and 106 therapy workbooks to Parkinson Voice Project.

WFAA News Reports on Parkinson Patients Participating in a 9-hour Marathon Reading 
Parkinson Voice Project patients participate in a 9-hour To Kill a Mockingbird marathon reading.

Elandary and Boyd Serve as Panelists for Michael J. Fox Foundation Webinar 
Samantha Elandary, Founder and CEO of Parkinson Voice Project, and Tom Boyd, a SPEAK OUT!® Graduate, serve as panelists for a Michael J. Fox Foundation webinar about speech and swallowing.

Parkinson Voice Project Wins “Fan Favorite” Award in Neuro Film Festival 
Changing the Face of Parkinson’s was voted the “Fan Favorite” for the American Academy of Neurology’s 2015 Neuro Film Festival. The video features a SPEAK OUT!® Graduate who stays strong with physical and vocal exercise.  

A Marathoner's Story of Overcoming Parkinson's 
On The Broadcast TV, SPEAK OUT!® graduate Linda Swanson shares how she exhibited symptoms of Parkinson’s while training for a marathon at the age of 56. She now participates in marathons by “living with intent.”  

Parkinson Voice Project Patient "Walks with Intent"
Dan Godwin of Fox 4 News in Dallas-Ft. Worth interviews SPEAK OUT!® graduate Linda Swanson about her continuing enthusiasm for walk-run events, despite the challenges of Parkinson’s disease.  

Local Santa Regains Voice in Time for Christmas
For 30 years, Sid Miller has played Santa at holiday parties and events, but after his Parkinson’s diagnosis he says, “My ‘Ho, ho, hos’ were a little like ‘Who, who whos…’”

Battling Parkinson's: A CBS 11 Report 
Dallas-Ft. Worth's CBS 11 TV covers the story of Jason, a former Marine and his private war with Early Onset Parkinson's and voice loss. With help from Parkinson Voice Project, he regains his voice through SPEAK OUT!® therapy and wins the fight to speak up at his wedding with a resounding "I do!"  

Marine with Parkinson's Finds Voice for Wedding covers this inspirational story about Jason Arwine, a Parkinson Voice Project patient and former Marine, who regains his voice just in time to say, “I do.”