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The Daniel R. Boone Scholarship for SPEAK OUT® Training
Now Discover SPEAK OUT! in 2017 for Only $200!

Parkinson Voice Project has reduced the registration fee for its 2017 SPEAK OUT! Workshops to just $200, and, due to this reduction, scholarships will be limited to those professionals who can demonstrate a financial need. Additionally, scholarship recipients must be actively treating individuals with Parkinson’s and have the means to provide the two-part therapy program: SPEAK OUT!® with The LOUD Crowd® and/or have the means to conduct research on these treatment protocols. Scholarships are not awarded to students and will not be awarded to speech-language pathologists who work in a facility where a scholarship has already been awarded.  

Upcoming Workshops
June 23-24, 2017 • September 29-30, 2017

Scholarship includes:
Registration Fee • $150 Travel Stipend • Therapy Kit upon Completion



June 23-24 • September 29-30

2017 marks 200 years since Parkinson’s was discovered.
This Year Only, Discover SPEAK OUT!® for Just $200!

Therapy Materials Provided Upon Completion of Course

SPEAK OUT! is an effective program that treats the motor speech deficits associated with Parkinsonism and also addresses the challenges speech-language pathologists face with insurance limitations, productivity standards, and other administrative constraints.

SPEAK OUT! is based on Dr. Daniel R. Boone’s 1950's discovery of “intent” in treating individuals with Parkinson’s. Together, the patient and the SLP work their way through a series of speech, voice, and cognitive exercises outlined in a SPEAK OUT! workbook that is provided at no cost to any Parkinson’s patient within the U.S. being treated by a SPEAK OUT!-trained speech-language pathologist.

In-person SPEAK OUT! Workshops feature hands-on practice with “The LOUD Crowd®,” and every registrant receives bonus SPEAK OUT! Therapy Materials.

An online version of the SPEAK OUT! Workshop is currently being developed.