90% of people with Parkinson’s experience speech difficulty, while aspiration pneumonia, often caused by swallowing issues, accounts for 70% of the mortality rate in Parkinson’s. These are shocking, but true statements.

Parkinson Voice Project is the only nonprofit organization in the world solely dedicated to helping those with Parkinson’s improve their speech and swallowing. Our goal is to secure Parkinson Voice Project’s clinic through a $50,000,000 endowment so that future patients and families will have access to quality speech treatment.

With our endowment, we will continue: treating patients in our clinic; training speech-language pathologists worldwide; providing SPEAK OUT!® Workbooks to patients everywhere. We will also continue our grant program to support speech therapy clinics around the world that are committed to serving their Parkinson’s population with SPEAK OUT!® and The LOUD Crowd®.


Please contact the Founder of Parkinson Voice Project:
Samantha Elandary