SPEAK OUT! & LOUD Crowd Training
A practical approach to treating Parkinson's

SPEAK OUT!® & The LOUD Crowd® is a therapy approach developed by Parkinson Voice Project that combines education, individual speech therapy, and ongoing group sessions to help people with Parkinson’s improve their speech and voice. The program is based on principles of motor learning and teachings of the late Daniel R. Boone who first recognized that individuals with Parkinson’s could markedly improve their speaking abilities if they transitioned speech from an automatic function to an intentional act. Watch the video (on right) to learn about "speaking with intent."

This online course is a professional “video presentation” that provides training on conducting a speech evaluation with stimulability testing, individual therapy (SPEAK OUT!), group sessions (The LOUD Crowd), and clinical documentation. Patient testimonials, marketing tips, and suggestions for improving productivity are also included. Individuals who take this training should be advised that this course will only address Parkinson Voice Project’s speech therapy program.

Every SLP or graduate student who registers for and completes this course will receive a SPEAK OUT! Workbook and Therapy Flashcards (photo, word, math, and conversation) as a gift from Parkinson Voice Project. In addition, our nonprofit organization will ship a SPEAK OUT! Workbook to individuals with Parkinson’s in the U.S. Unfortunately, it is cost prohibitive to ship workbooks internationally. Non-U.S. patients can receive three months' free digital access to our eLibrary that contains both SPEAK OUT! and LOUD Crowd Workbooks in seven different languages or they can purchase a therapy workbook. SPEAK OUT! Providers will need to agree to the “SPEAK OUT! & LOUD Crowd Trademark License Agreement” annually for their patients to retain this benefit. There are no certification or renewal fees associated with this program.

Presenters & Disclosures
Participants are required to complete all sections of the SPEAK OUT! & LOUD Crowd training course to receive ASHA CEUs. Partial CEU credit will not be awarded. This course must be completed within 30 days; however, Parkinson Voice Project does provide ongoing access to clinical resources and hosts a “SPEAK OUT! Providers Facebook Group” for added support. Registration fees are transferrable, but not refundable.

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This course is offered for 1.0 ASHA CEUs.
(Intermediate level, Professional area)