James Lowe Donnell
January 11, 1936 - October 5, 2017
The James Lowe Donnell
Endowed President and CEO

James (Jim) Lowe Donnell was a fifth-generation South Texas rancher. His great-great-grandfather was James Lowe, who came to McMullen County in 1857 and ranched the open range. The subsequent generations set the course for Jim Donnell to become a rancher and catalyst in the industry.

Being a humble man, Jim always said it took great sacrifice, hard work, and determination from generations before which allowed him to ranch these lands. He had immense regard for his father, grandfathers, and their accomplishments. He also had tremendous appreciation for the land, the business of ranching, and making sure the generations to follow appreciated the ranching legacy. Jim said, "The land is always good to you, don't ever sell it."

The cattle business, as well as his many friends, allowed Jim to pursue other business endeavors. He had a knack for making sound business decisions and an innate sense of how much risk to take. He was a great historian and a keen genealogist with a mind for remembering names, dates, and places.

Jim was a Director and Honorary Vice President of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, an organization he held in high regard that provided him with lasting friendships. He received conservation and ranching awards and served his community on boards of area banks and several other organizations.

Parkinson Voice Project is honored its President and CEO position is named after a Texas leader who appreciated hard work, had vision and integrity, and led with love, compassion, and sound advice. Jim Donnell’s legacy lives on in the voices restored at Parkinson Voice Project.

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